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National Sport Federation Fundraising Toolkit

The “National Sport Federation Fundraising Toolkit” provides a detailed overview of the core elements involved in successful fundraising in sport. This toolkit explores how to get started, how to recruit volunteers, how to plan events and annual campaigns as well identifies key issues in fundraising.  A series of templates are provided to support you in

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NSO Bid Evaluation Model

The “NSO Bid Evaluation Model” is a decision support tool to assist NSOs who are considering a bid to host a particular international sport event. It aims to help determine if an organization should proceed with a bid proposal in consideration of a variety of factors, providing a consistent, quantified assessment of the relative suitability

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Event Contract Template for Rights Holders

The “Event Contract Template for Rights Holders”, created by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA), is a part of the CSTA’s Transfer of Knowledge program. The document has been developed to provide sound information to potential bidding communities and to ensure that all obligations involved in bidding and hosting an event are understood.

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Volunteer Engagement Toolkit

Volunteer Engagement is an approach that builds organizational capacity through employee and volunteer collaboration. This toolkit, by Vantage Point, highlights the importance of developing high-impact, meaningful volunteer opportunities, which in turn create greater influence and outcome for your organization.  Vantage Point’s 8-step process to reactive volunteer engagement is introduced and various policies, procedures and templates

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