COC-Fasken-NSO Webinar: Managing Employees in a Post-COVID-19 Environment

Webinar: September 16, 2021, to access the recording, follow this link.

COVID-19 has meant that many employers are managing their employees in a different way.  Are these changes here to stay? What are employers able to do in an effort to protect their workforce? To hear more about how employers have adapted to the COVID-19 reality and other key employment and labour developments, join our panel of employment lawyers from Fasken’s Ontario, Québec, and British Columbia offices. To view the webinar please click here.

Our cross-country panel will discuss the key labour, employment, health and safety, human rights, and privacy issues that may arise from:

  • The vaccination of employees against COVID-19, including:
    • The lessons and limits of existing case law on workplace vaccination policies
    • Whether employers can require or incentivize employees to be vaccinated
    • Whether employers can require disclosure of employee vaccination status and what can be done with that information
    • How to balance employees’ objections based on religious, disability or other grounds with other considerations like workplace health and safety
  • Working from home, including:
    • Who should verses who could be working from home
    • Best practices when implementing work from home policies
    • Addressing overtime, discipline and performance management issues unique to remote work

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