LifeWorks Wellness & Mental Health Resources

Access confidential support. Anytime. Anywhere.     

We care about helping you stay healthy. This includes making sure you have resources to help manage your wellness – especially your mental health.

We’re pleased to provide National Sport Organization staff access to TWO new, free wellness and mental health support tools:

LifeWorks app
What is the LifeWorks app? An innovative wellbeing solution in an easy-to-use platform. Access all the tools you need to support your mental, physical and social wellbeing to help feel healthier and happier.What is AbilitiCBT? A virtual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program guided by professional therapists to help you manage and overcome stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other mental health concerns.
Why get the LifeWorks app?How can AbilitiCBT help?
-The LifeWorks app provides easier access to the confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
-EAP offers confidential support services for any stresses you may be experiencing, some examples could include:
-Relationship challenges
-Personal difficulties Professional obstacles
-Experiencing feelings of loss, grief, loneliness and/or anxiety, among others

The app allows you to chat with a LifeWorks counsellor with just a tap – anytime, anywhere.
-With AbilitiCBT, you can access the support you need to feel better, anytime, anywhere, from your devices.
-CBT is one of the most effective methods of therapy. It helps reduce your symptoms and build your resilience for a variety of mental health conditions.

You’re in good hands
-AbilitiCBT offers self-directed programs, guided by a professional therapist.
-No matter what you’re going through, the programs will help you better understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you’re empowered to make positive changes.
-In addition, all therapists haveCBT experience and have received specialized inclusion and diversity training focused on mental health services.
Download the LifeWorks app now!Access AbilitiCBT now!
Download the free app on Android or iOS – simply search for LifeWorks.  
Open the app, click on Log in and enter the username and password below.

Access LifeWorks online
You can also log in to LifeWorks through your browser on any device:
Go to and enter the username and password below.
English username: TeamCanada
Password: lifeworks
To sign up, go to The attached document will provide an overview of what comes next.

Both resources are provided by Team Canada’s official mental health partner, LifeWorks (formerly Morneau Shepell). They are designed to help you cope with things like stress, anxiety, and sleep issues – whether it’s happening in your day to day or in the period leading up to, during, or after the Games. Please note that these services are completely confidential. If you have any questions, please reach out to NSO Services (

Click to access the login or register cheese