OSIC Implementation Template Policy Development for NSOs & MSOs

In this resource, the team of legal counsels are working on developing policy templates that comply with the requirements of the Program Signatory Agreement and the processes under the Abuse Free Sport Program. This page will be updated as additional templates are developed and the French translations will be added as well.

Disclaimer: These templates were developed by the Legal Team (Adam Klevinas, Benoit Girardin and Will Russell) with the support of the Canadian Olympic Committee to assist multisport and national sport organizations (MSO/NSO) to ensure that certain policies comply with the UCCMS/OSIC requirements and procedures. These policies must be customized and approved by each MSO or NSO. Neither the COC nor the Legal Team (Adam Klevinas, Benoit Girardin and Will Russell) shall be held responsible for the content of this template or its use by any MSO or NSO.

List of Available Template Documents

*Disclaimer: These UCCMS Template Consent Forms have been slightly modified from the original version contained in the Abuse-Free Sport Program Signatory Agreement. Please consult with your legal counsel to make sure they are appropriate for your organisation.

Please check back for additional templates shortly

For any additional questions, please reach out to NSFservices@olympic.ca

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